World Record Achieved:  16 Rowers – 1 Rowing Machine

The Rugby Rebels successfully attempted and broke the World Record for a team of over 40’s in the 100 kilometre event on a rowing machine last Saturday the 9th of March.  The team cut 23 minutes off the record and had an amazing time of 4 hours 41 minutes, 50.7 seconds with an average speed of 1.24.6 seconds for 500 metre pace for the duration of the event including all turnovers.

The event has almost raised 10,000 euros for the IRFU Charitable Trust and the Crumlin Children’s hospital and donations can still be made at

The team was led by the Wallace brothers Paul, Richard and David and also included Tennis Olympian Scott Barron, former French Captain Jerome Thion and rugby players Mal O’Kelly, Paddy Johns, Michael Swift, Chris Pim, Steve Rooney, Nigel Osborne, Shane and Colin McEntee, David Moore, Ryan Corcoran and Fintan Gilsenan.  The Charitable trust are very grateful for their efforts and the monies raised and look forward to their next adventure .

The following helped make the event happen:

  • John Butler – Chauffeur in Dublin
  • Eleanor Lucey – Massage, Blackrock
  • Kevin – On a platter, Blackrock
  • Dave Murray – Cafe en Seine
  • Fla and Emma – Haddington Hotel
  • Killian O’Neill – Physical Therapy
  • Gary Lavin – Vithit
  • The Bretzel Bakery
  • Albert Kehoe –  Crossfit 536
  • Rebecca Hoban – Barbells Nutrition
  • CBC Monkstown
  • IRFU – Kit