16 Rowers – 1 Rowing Machine

World Record Attempt:  100km Indoor Rowing (over 40s)

in aid of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital and the IRFU Charitable Trust

The Rugby Rebels are an eclectic group led by Former Lions prop Paul Wallace and his brother Richard and include former Olympians – tennis player Scott Barron and boxer Cathal O’Grady as well as former French Captain Jerome Thion, former rugby players Paddy Johns, Mal O’Kelly, Chris Pim, Liam Toland, Nigel Osborne, David Moore, Shane and Colin McEntee, Des Dillon, Ryan Corcoran and Steve Rooney.

We will try and do 100 kilometres on a rowing machine at Crossfit536 in Blackrock on Saturday March 9th at 11 am and in the process look to break the current world record for this distance for over 40s all in aid of raising money for Crumlin Children’s Hospital and the IRFU Charitable Trust. For those familiar with the rowing machine, we need to keep a pace of 1min 30 sec for 500 metre pace for 5 hours which is going to be an enormous physical and mental challenge.

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